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Skin Rejuvenation

Taking care of the skin is one of the easiest things we can do to help patients improve their appearance. We are quite aware, however, that understanding all of the varied treatment options and products for the skin can be overwhelming for the non-medical professional. The first thing to recognize is that all skin types are different: different in age, different in pigmentation, varying in the number of blemishes or lesions, varying in the density of hair, depth of scar, size of tattoo, etc. We will help you decide based on your skin and your goals which is the best approach for you.

Scientifically proven skin treatment technology can generally be divided into laser, chemical peel, dermabrasion, and micro needling. Lasers use energy with differing wavelengths to target specific areas of the skin to remove wrinkles, brown/red spots, hair, tattoos, etc. Certain lasers can also be used for many other purposes. Chemical peels involve applying certain molecules designed to penetrate the skin at precise depths to increase cell turnover and help boost rejuvenation by resurfacing the skin. They stimulate collagen formation and will also help remove wrinkles, as well as brown/red spots. Dermabrasion is a technique whereby your surgeon uses a precision instrument to remove the appropriate top layers of skin to incite regrowth of newer healthy skin, and can also be used for resurfacing in scar revision. Micro needling is essentially exactly what it says it is, using “micro-“ or needles much smaller than a patient would expect, to create microscopic holes in the skin to stimulate new skin growth and increase collagen and elastin levels. We offer all of these services at The Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Center, and will help design a treatment plan that is specifically tailored for your skin and your goals.

The topic of skin care products is slightly more complex. The great news is that there is excellent scientific data to prove that certain ingredients are very important to the health of your skin. The bad news, is that cosmeceuticals are a multi-billion dollar industry with lots of misleading marketing. Dozens of companies claim their topical formulations are “the best,” which can make it very confusing for patients to understand. We try to simplify for our patients what we know works, what we know is harmful, and what may be beneficial. We utilize the products of several professional skin care lines, and offer advice for our patients to help address their specific concerns.

Patients should know that certain products are simply not available without a prescription. One example is Latisse®, a topical medication that grows eyelashes longer, fuller, and darker. The results it offers are amazing, but unfortunately there are no over the counter alternatives.

Certain professional and prescription products may have technologically advanced delivery systems that are better tolerated by the skin, and allow for increased absorption of the active ingredients. They also are allowed to contain much higher concentrations of the key ingredients. No matter what your budget, it is feasible and extremely important to use the right products on your skin to protect against skin cancer, to optimize your results from other surgical/non-surgical treatments, to slow the aging process, and to treat certain dermatologic disease processes. We are always available to answer your questions regarding skin care.


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