About Tallahassee ENT

Mission Statement

Tallahassee Ear, Nose & Throat-Head and Neck Surgery, P.A. (TENT) was established in 1986. Our goal has always been to provide our patients with the best medical care and services available. We are proud of our extensive training and experience and feel that we have assembled an excellent team to deliver quality medical care in a compassionate setting. Please feel comfortable at any time to ask about our experience or to have us provide written information about your medical needs.

Core Values

doctor in scrubs with crossed arms and stethoscope
  • Excellent Training
  • Quality Patient Care
  • Knowledgable and Courteous Employees
  • Satisfied Patients

Our core values have defined our practice and served as an unwavering guide for our physicians, audiologists, and staff members. For over 30 years we have applied these key tenets to every aspect of our service, and we are proud that these values contribute to the health and wellness of our community.

Hospital Affiliations

We work closely with area hospitals so that you can receive the best care in the region. Our multiple hospital affiliations give you the freedom to find the location that best suits your needs.

nurse handing bedridden patient a vase of flowers