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Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Rhinoplasty TallahasseeNo matter how elegant or cute a patient’s nose may appear, it is rarely the most attractive feature on one’s face. The eyes and the smile should dominate what others see when they look at you. If a patient dislikes the appearance of their nose or feels like it distracts from the other features of the face, it can be addressed by their doctor. Patients may have had their nose damaged by a trauma, affecting the function of the nose and decreasing the ability to get enough air during exercise or sleep.

Whereas, many parts of the face can be altered with non-surgical techniques, changing the shape and/or function of the nose typically requires a surgery deemed “rhinoplasty.” Rhinoplasty essentially involves changes to the cartilage and boney structure of the nose through reshaping, repositioning, adding, and subtracting. These changes can be accomplished through a tiny incision underneath the nose or sometimes through incisions hidden completely inside the nostrils. These incisions heal extremely well and are usually imperceptible after a few months.

It is important for the surgeon to always consider both form and function when performing rhinoplasty. Certain changes may look nice but not function well, and conversely some maneuvers that will improve breathing may not be aesthetically pleasing. Because the changes can be so dramatic, rhinoplasty is one of the most gratifying procedures. At the same time, the procedure is complex and requires some recovery time, so should not be undertaken without significant consideration. You and the doctor should have a sincere conversation about your goals and concerns before making the decision to pursue rhinoplasty.


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