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Otoplasty Tallahassee

Ears are an important feature to any face, but the natural position and shape should blend in to the sides of head and never be a focal point. Our eyes are naturally attracted to ears that stick out too far or are misshapen. Unfortunately, these differences are easy for even children to spot, and often become a theme for continual “bullying” as many times kids can be quite cruel to one another. Some kids can even be born without one ear in a condition termed microtia.

Otoplasty is a procedure where the cartilage of the ear is molded to allow a more natural appearing shape and position. It can be accomplished through a small incision on the back of the ear that is easily hidden and heals very well. Although adults commonly undergo otoplasty, this procedure is most frequently performed in children. The procedure is quite safe, and the recovery is rather minimal. The psychological changes and the boost to self confidence we see after otoplasty is remarkable, and parents often question why they didn’t pursue it sooner.



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