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Facelift Tallahassee

Many patients get frustrated that the skin and soft tissue under the chin has begun to sag and distract from a youthful appearing neckline. They look in the mirror while leaning their head back, grab the extra tissue and say “I just wish this would go away.” They often aren’t bothered by any of the other signs of aging on the face, and actually are quite afraid to change the way their faces look.
Although some non-surgical treatment options have expanded the number of procedures available for patients not interested in surgery, a neck lift is many times an excellent choice. A patient’s specific anatomy, gender, and age will typically determine how the procedure will be performed. Incisions can be tucked under the chin, can be hidden in front and behind the ears, or sometimes placed in the midline of the neck and disguised utilizing running z-plasty or other scar camouflage techniques. Unfortunately a neck lift does not stop the patient from aging. Although the changes are permanent, aging will continue at the same rate from that point forward.

In the age of the “selfie” many younger patients have noticed they have a “double chin” that they find it unappealing. After altering the camera angle and the position of their jaw over and over again to get the best picture, often patients will choose instead to have a quick procedure to help improve their appearance (and, of course, their photo sessions).



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